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Genovese mobster Fusco is attempting to escape more charges

  Genovese crime family mobster who avoided murder charges now wants more charges dropped. Emilio Fusco was acquitted of the gangland murders of former Genovese family captain Adolfo "Big Al" Bruno and mob associate Gary D. Westerman back in 2003 along with extortion charges last May. But escaping the life sentence on those charges wasn't [...]

Colombo Family associate Guerra found not guilty of mob hits

  Colombo crime family associate has been found not guilty by a Brooklyn jury of racketeering which included two mafia murders. Francis "BF" Guerra was charged with the murder of nightclub owner Michael Devine and former Colombo family underboss Joseph Scopo. This verdict comes on the heels of an acquittal back in May of former Colombo [...]

Gambino turncoat D’Angelo sentenced to time served apologizes for Curtis Sliwa Attack

  Gambino crime family soldier turned informant Joseph "Little Joey" D'Angelo was sentenced to time served. D'Angelo was set to go on trial along with former Gambino family mobster John "Junior" Gotti back in 2005 but decided to plead guilty and cooperate with the feds instead. He pleaded guilty to two mob murders , his part is attack [...]

Bonanno Family underboss Santora to plead guilty

  The reputed Bonanno crime family underboss or second in command Nicholas "Nicky Mouth" Santora is expected to plead guilty today in Brooklyn federal court. Santora is facing racketeering charges which his role in a loan sharking shakedown. Santora was caught on tape by mob associate turned rat Hector "Junior" Pagan discussing Mob [...]

Colombo Family Consigliere Farese busted for parole violation

  Reputed Colombo crime family consigliere or third in command Thomas Farese has been busted in South Florida for violating the terms of his federal parole. Farese was just recently granted permission by a federal judge to go on vacation in Hawaii. But with the recent arrest it doesn't look like the wiseguy will be hanging 10 any time [...]

Turncoat mobster claims he was selected by Gambino family to whack Sammy Gravano

  Turncoat mobster Salvatore "Fat Sal" Mangiavillano says that he was selected by the Gambino crime family for a hit on mob rat Sammy "The Bull" Gravano in early 1990's. Mangiavillano supplied this admission as he testified in the murder trial of Colombo crime family associate Francis "BF" Guerra. Mangiavillano claims that he was [...]

New England Mafia Capo Eddy Lato sentenced to nine years

  Edward "Eddy" Lato a high ranking member of the New England Mafia has been sentenced to nine years in prison for his role in an extortion scheme targeting local strip clubs. Prosecutors allege that Lato holds the rank of capo over a Rhode Island crew of the Patriarca crime family or New England La Cosa Nostra. Lato now 65 [...]

Colombo mobster ordered mob hit at Grandmothers wake

  Recent testimony from a mob rat may have prison officials reconsidering a policy to release suspected mobsters so they can attend funerals of family members. Colombo crime family mobster turned rat Anthony "Big Anthony" Russo testified that fellow mobster Theodore "Skinny Teddy" Persico Jr ordered a mob hit in 1993 against rival [...]

Prosecutors to take one last shot at former Colombo boss Gioeli

  Federal prosecutors say they plan to introduce new evidence against Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli the former boss of the Colombo crime family connecting him to the murder of former NYPD officer Ralph Dols when he goes in front a judge for sentencing. Prosecutors are tight lipped about the new information they have which was not [...]

Infamous mobster Henry Hill is dead

  Notorious mobster Henry Hill is dead at the age of 69. Hill passed away at a hospital in Los Angeles Tuesday from a undisclosed illness reported by TMZ. Hill's girlfriend Lisa in an interview said that Henry has been sick for quite a long time and his heart gave out. Hill leaves behind two children and his girlfriend Lisa said he [...]