Philly mobster Lucibello agrees to plea deal

April 13th 2012 | Posted by


Longtime Philadelphia mafia figure Gaeton Lucibello who as indicted along with reputed Philly mob boss Joseph “Uncle Joe” Ligambi and 11 others has decided to plead guilty. Lucibello is described as a soldier in the Philly mob and a close associate of reputed under boss Joseph “Mousie” Massimino. The intentions of Lucibello to plead guilty was filled Thursday with Judge Eduardo C. Robreno. Although details of his plea deal have not yet been made public sources confirm he is looking at a sentence of up to five years.


“Gaeton Lucibello”


Lucibello beat a federal racketeering case which tied him to several gangland hits back in 1996 where he testified on his own behalf. He was able to convince a jury that he was not a member of La Cosa Nostra or the Philly mob. Sources claim Lucibello was concerned about long time gambling associate Jack Buscemi who has turned rat and would of testified against him. Authorities claim Buscemi is one of the biggest illegal bookmakers in Philadelphia and that he reported to Lucibello.

Lucibello like fellow co-defendants Massimino , Ligambi, and others are being held without bail while they await trial for racketeering conspiracy charges. The good thing for the rest of the mobsters involved is that Lucibello has not agreed to cooperate with authorities while agreeing to his pea deal.





The plea deal agreed to by Lucibello was signed but not sealed and in a surprising move he withdrew his guilty plea and decided against the deal he previously agreed to.  So Lucibello will now go to trial with fellow Philly mobsters which is set for September 4th. If convicted prison terms are expected to be significantly more then the 63 months as was offered to Lucibello in the plea deal.


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