Mob Wives Chicago Trailer

May 30th 2012 | Posted by


Get a look into the new VH1 reality show Mob Wives Chicago which is set to premiere on June 10 at 8/7 central. This super trailer for the show will give you a glimpse of the cast of Mob Wives Chicago and some of the drama that is to come. The show is a spin off of the already popular Mob Wives reality show on VH1 and features family members of alleged Chicago Mafia also known as the Outfit members and associates. Here is the Mob Wives Chicago Trailer enjoy !



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  VH 1 is set to debut its new spinoff of its hit reality show "Mob Wives" this June. The new series called "Mob Wives: Chicago" will air on June 10th at 9 PM Est. The show will follow the lives of five women who allegedly are connected to the Chicago Mafia known as "The Outfit". If this spinoff is anything like the original it is [...]

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