Lucchese crime family officially has new boss

February 23rd 2012 | Posted by


The Lucchese crime family has a new boss. For the first time in the last twenty five years a New York mafia family boss has stepped down as boss of their respective family. Vittorio “Vic” Amuso who is currently serving a life sentence has officially stepped down as boss of the Lucchese family. Sources confirm that Amuso did not volunteer to step down as boss but didn’t resist either. A message was delivered to Vic that he was out as boss and he shouldn’t make any waves over it and he didn’t said a reliable mob source.


Steven “Stevie Wonder” Crea


The new boss of the Lucchese family is now Steven “Stevie Wonder” Crea. No one is sure as to when exactly Amuso relinquished power outside of the crime families upper leadership but sources confirm and there is no doubt about it that Crea is now officially the boss and may have been for some times now. Since 2002 Crea had been recognized as the families acting boss by the feds but now officially has the title and the big seat.

Crea was released from prison in 2006 and ended a supervised release stint in November of 2009. Crea is a Bronx based mobster who has long made millions through bid rigging , price fixing, and extortion of the construction industry. Crea is not known to be a ruthless killer like former boss Amuso but has no problem using threats and violence long time mob tools. Sources also confirm that the new bosses base of operations is now a club on Coddington Avenue in the Schuylerville section of the Bronx and he has recently been spotted in the neighborhood on “walk talks” with other mob cohorts.



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