Gambino mobster wants probation lifted so he can retire

February 3rd 2012 | Posted by


Long time and aging reputed Gambino family mobster wants his federal probation to be lifted. Jerome Brancato who was once believed to be a top lieutenant for Gambino boss Peter Gotti says he wants to be able to travel to visit relatives and spend some time in a warmer climate like his vacation house in Fort Lauderdale. Brancato says he wants to be able to enjoy his slower life at the age of 83 and says he is no longer associated with organized crime.


“Jerome Brancato”


But the feds claim that Brancato has continued to live the life of a wiseguy and at the age of 80 in 2009 was convicted and went away for another prison stretch. The feds say that Brancato has also been convicted of criminal activities associated to organized crime twice while on probation in previous years. Federal probation officers are strongly oppose the request because of his long history associated with the mob and in particular the Gambino family.

Brancato also sited to the court a long list of health issues that he claims would be eased significantly by living life under the sun in Florida. Federal Judge Jack Weinstein in Brooklyn has not yet ruled on the issue but at the age of 90 some wonder how sympathetic he could be to the concept of early retirement.

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