Feds bust Genovese family North Jersey Crew

May 22nd 2012 | Posted by

The feds have charged members of a Genovese crime family crew located in North Jersey for racketeering conspiracy charges which include operating a illegal sports gambling ring and illegal card games at social clubs. Among those charged was alleged Genovese crime family captain Joseph Lascala. The crew allegedly were taking illegal sports bets through a web site operated out of Cosa Rica which was dubbed “the office”.

Along with Lascala several others including 12 members of the LaScala Crew were charged including Patsy Pirozzi, John Breheney, Eric Patten, Franklin Militello, Mark Sanzo, Robert Scerbo, William Bruder, Michael O’Donnell, Salvatore Turchio, Jose Gotay, Joseph Graziano, Dominick Barone and Kenneth Baran. Reports filed indicte that Pirozzi was reporting directly to Lascala and was his right hand man in the illegal operation.

The feds put the case together through flipped co-conspirators and confidential informants among other investigative means. According to reports defendant Joseph Graziano was recorded at a meeting describing the scope of the betting operation , here is a clip released of the secret recording ….

“You’re in the wrong business now, you know? . . . . You should be in the sports business. . . . They’re gonna build it up to, like, [expletive] no end. . . . I call the kid up. In the office down there, I’m really proud of him. I mean, he has 50 phones in his [expletive] place. . . . And, it’s nice, it’s like an auction. . . .”

Gambler who did not pay there debts got beat down according to reports. Lascala allegedly commended a cooperating witness for doing a good job in beating up a delinquent gambler.

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