Bonanno Mobster Thomas Fiore Sentenced

January 24th 2012 | Posted by


Mobster Thomas Fiore has been sentenced to twelve years and seven months in federal prison after admitting to orchestrating a series of crime. Fiore was the organizer of a Florida crew for the Bonanno crime family in New York. Fiore admitted to having a hand in several crimes including soliciting the murder of a former business partner and the torching of the Royal Palm Beach gym back in 2007.



(Thomas Fiore)


Fiore followed in the footsteps of his uncle Gerard “Gerry” Chilli who is a captain in the Bonanno family prosecutors claim. Fiore was re-sentenced on a minor appellate issue and has already served a few years of his prison sentence. Fiore now 49 will not be eligible for release until 2020.

Fiore’s lawyer Phil Horowitz asked the court for a maximum 10 year sentence for his client so he would have some hope to be released before his parents in there 80′s past away. But prosecutors pushed for a tougher punishment noting that Fiore was committing crime on a daily basis while he was on probation for prior crimes. Fiore cried in court as his lawyer petitioned for a shorter sentence.



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